Are you near Bangkok? Come to our meetup!

Here's the link:

I would go but I have viral conjunctivitis (pink eye), it's super contagious.

@nathanwailes Too bad, feel better. It's not until Wednesday so feel free to attend if you're all better by then

90% chances I will join unless anything urgent happens

Cool, hope to see you there!

Hey @alexstyl @marc (and @nathanwailes if your pink eye is gone by then), looking forward to meeting you all on Weds at 19:30 🍺

I'll plan to get there a few minutes early to grab a table - when you get there, just reply to this message if you get lost or can't find me

@marc @alexstyl @nathanwailes sitting at the front at a table, wearing a black t shirt

I’m on my way! Be there in ~20

I'm on my way, it may be another 30-40 minutes until I get there.

I'm not at 100% but I'm going to try to make it, I'm desperate for friends who are actually making stuff instead of just smoking weed and watching Netflix.