Are you a freelancer, service provider, or consultant with a website? If so, I'd love to hear from you.

I’m creating an annual report that documents real-life, current statistics on service providers’ websites to create an accessible reference tool for people who want to build their business off social media.

For this, I’m defining service providers as freelancers (like web devs, designers, writers, etc), digital service providers (like VAs), and online coaches/consultants offering services.

(Digital product creators are awesome, but I'm specifically looking for service providers right now. Also, I'm not including agency owners in this since what an agency needs to thrive is different from what a freelancer needs.)

Also, you don’t need to have an ultra high-performing or old site. The idea is to capture a range of data. If you’re a service provider with a website, there’s a great chance you qualify.

Here’s the link to contribute:

(And there are perks to contributing, of course.)

My goal is to get at least 500 qualified submissions before analyzing the data and creating the report, so feel free to share this form widely if you'd like. I'd definitely appreciate it!

Done. Although I'm not sure it applied to me (see my comments in the submission). 😅