App for writing down ideas

I'm thinking to create an iOS or macOS app for writing down ideas. But firstly I would like to know if anybody is using such app or at least would like to use?

Notebook or notes are not a good option in my opinion, because everything can mess up.

I use voice messages in the telegram right now because when I got an idea, I don't want to open Trello or something else, especially if I don't have a laptop next to me. Also, it is much easier to just record a voice message rather than type. But it is not a very good option either because I keep a lot of stuff in my saved messages and after a while, I cannot even find these voice messages.

So, could you answer these questions: 1. What do you use for writing down your ideas? If it is an app - mobile or desktop? 2. What is missing in this app? 3. Would you like think through this idea in the app? Like make a list of your project competitors, what they have, what they don't have, their pros and cons, what you need for this project (like what technologies), maybe even create questions maybe that can be posted on the web so you can share it with someone and receive a feedback.

I was using evernote, now Dynalist = nested bullet points. I wouldnt use audio.

trello / notion , trello doesn't really have good place to put content, notion doesn't have a bookmarketlet