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working on feed view #headlesswidget #interstatehq
build something on glide , might want to put in more resources on it
setup widget db structure #headlesswidget #interstatehq
draft out sample widget with tailwindcss #headlesswidget
try out learndash to learn more about LMS
working on more Vue & laravel
What's next for WebhookHQ part 2… #imknight
doing a quick mockup and proof of concept #headlesswidget
re-sync dayone entries that missing #ext200wad
discuss with partner to understand more about e commerce & services that we should provide
research on typo3 for client work
added switch to skip the profile api error to fix the sync #ext200wad
recover a hacked wp site
found out why #ext200wad is broken for the past 2weeks
my Developer Journal End July 2019… #imknight
check out laravel Cloud
working on orchid show submission form
checkout manyrequest
implement solution based on paid php pdf library
mistake learn don't build the product and only think of my own use case #webhookhq