Anyone working with AI?

Hi there! πŸ‘‹
Anyone working on AI projects? or have you tinkered around AI?

I have previously played with GPT-3 prompts, writing posts with AI and that kind of thing, but now I'm exploring using OpenAI or any other apis for a project.

Do you have any experience working with AI APIs? Is there any other established player besides OpenAI from which to check their apis?
I'm looking for info or blogs on custom models, training, fine-tuning, etc (anything JS, serverless, apis, preferably πŸ˜…)

My idea is to explore custom knowledge bases with direct questions. Maybe as mini search engines (Search engines a service?? πŸ‘€) for businesses, comment exploration, product reviews, etc. (e.g., What are the top 3 complaints from clients??)

I made a proof of concept using Twitter conversations:


If you have an existing project using AI, feel free to share it too!Β 

I would use GitHub's code search for gpt3 prompts and/or OpenAI to get you started. I have dabbled, but almost everything seemed to be API-based and most websites have playgrounds you. Not sure if you'd call OpenCV AI really but I have been working on several small projects to use it more and more. It's worth checking out if you plan to do any kind of vision-baed work.