Anyone in Athens, GR? Let's hangout

Currently in 🇬🇷 Athens, Greece. Would love to meet other WIP members if you are around.

Let me know and I will organize something

Oh I love Athens, was there in Feb. Unfortunately back in Vienna now

what are your go to places to do some focused work?

I've never been to Greece, will have to visit at some point bc I love mediterranean food

Hey I'll be back in June if you'll still be around. I work at Diplo Café a bit or those cafes around exarcheia, but also Faeinon and some farther out. Also prelab is really cool if you want coworking space to focus. i tried it for a month and seemed useful

@alexstyl I'm living in Athens :) If you have Telegram, please let me know; if you don't, just inform me of the best way to reach you :)