Anyone else experiencing slow site load speed in wip since yesterday?

wip has been loading super slow since yesterday for me.

Yeah, me too and today as well, it's intermittent for me

Haven’t noticed anything myself, but will keep an eye on this thread. Thanks for the heads up 🙏

I just noticed this too. First, it happened when I clicked on a notification about a comment at my post and then again when I clicked on someone's profile. The blue bar got stuck for a few seconds.

I have to correct myself that I wouldn't call it super slow, so maybe just a regular connection lag.

Yes, it was very slow for me yesterday around 11am, I only managed to post to-do via Telegram integration. But today everything is fine.

Today seems OK, but yesterday I noticed it was quite slow to load pretty much any page (intermittently)

Yes slow for me too. Takes 2-3s on average to load a new page. Browser console shows this:

Jujst tried to upload a picture into my todo today but it doesn't seem to load 😅