Any way to forward SMS while visiting another country (where SIM won't work)?

Use Twilio and forward it to your email or even Telegram.

I don't understand. How can Twilio access SMSes coming to my number +91858XXXXXX? I am looking at the docs but this seems too impossible.

Oh, you get a new number from Twilio and use that instead of your own number.

Right, that makes sense. But my main issue is with bank using my 9185... number for money related transactions. So OTPs will come to that number. I guess I should use a Twilio number for my bank accounts :D. Btw, do you know any way to divert/forward SMS on a real mobile number. I guess, if nothing works, my solution would be to leave the SIM in India with a relative and ask them for OTP.

Only way to do it would be to ask your carrier. Leaving it at home sounds like the best idea.

Will try that. Thanks bruh.

I don’t know of any services that can forward your SMS messages, but I’m surprised your provider is unable to deliver them abroad. Could you switch to a different one that does support this?

With eSIM in the latest iPhones you’d be able to have a local SIM card while traveling as well. So you’d use that one for data, calling, etc and still receive OTP messages on your ‘home’ number.

The provider does have International Roaming but it is quite costly and TBH I don't know how reliable it is. But I should try asking them. Also, eSIMs aren't available in India yet. :( Thanks for your input, Marc.