Advice for choosing color palette?

As more of a backend than frontend developer and a person with no confidence of picking aesthetics, can  explain in a more rule-based or quantitative-based advice?

I like the 60-30-10 rule but I still don't know how to choose my 3 colors. ha!

That rule is great for a person like me. 

1. it's a rule
2. there are numbers

So advice along this pattern would be deeply appreciated.

Also if it helps I am using tailwind.

Check this out:…

Otherwise, you can get some really good courses for around $20 (on sale all the time) on Udemy.

I did a course through and while it was excellent, and I’d HIGHLY recommend Erik’s blog, I wouldn’t do the course again as it was about $1,000usd

You can get some just as good stuff on Udemy (or similar) for a lot less.

Craig’s article at the top is good.

There are also a bunch of websites that you can pick colour palettes on like

Hope all this is of use 👍🏼

Thank you for this. How to choose the 3 colors? the 60-30-10 is about proportion or what Craig says background-typography-accents, but even Craig didn't really say how to choose the 3 colors.

My goto place for colors is

That one is WAY better! I knew there were others but couldn’t remember them 😍

Yeah, I love it and use the trending colors for inspiration, or sometimes just take a color I like via color picker browser extentions or from the source code of a site and then find matching colors, or alternatives via the generator.

Hi @kimsia just wanted to share a new tool from Adobe, I've discovered: It allows to design colour palettes for interfaces and data viz.