AdBlocker Plus is blocking my 'Sign in with Twitter' button , any advice?

Right now, my only solution is renaming all my JS files from 'twitter-accounts' or 'twitter-login' to 'accounts/login' (Based on stack overflow answers).

But I'm not sure if exists a better solution for this?

I don't use AdBlocker Plus, but based on what you describe it seems that it aggressively blocks any Javascript with the word "Twitter" in it. It probably confuses that for Twitter tracking Javascripts used for Tweet and Follow buttons.

Personally I don't pay too much attention to people using faulty browser extensions as I consider it their own damn fault, but if it's a significant share of your users or it leads to many support inquiries then yeah you want to find a solution. I don't see the problem with just renaming the files. It sounds like you're overthinking it.

You probably have many more todo's to complete. Just rename the files and be done with it :)

If you replace "twitter" with "twttr" (the original name) the file name remains descriptive and it probably won't get blocked.

Yes, I replaced twitter with twttr :)