A high protein recipes directory for gymrats.

Hey everyone,

For the last couple of weeks, I'm developing this website called
Because I like fitness, I thought it would be a fun project to create a high-protein recipes directory website. Where we can find easy-to-cook high protein recipes, which take less than 15mins. 

On this website, people can save vegan, snacks, veg, and nonveg recipes. It's a community-based project. It will be very helpful to newcomers in the fitness industry just like me to find easy and simple protein-based recipes.

I just need some feedback about this. I have more features to add but, I'll do it later. If people like this idea.

Hopefully, It will help everyone across the world.

Waiting for your kind feedback. And, thanks in advance.

P.S: Everything Is in development mode.


Interesting niche 👍

My initial impression is that there's very few recipes on the site yet haha. So yeah you'll definitely want to add a bunch more. Also, since you're focussing on high-protein contents I think you can design your site around that. So for example on your homepage you might want to add the protein percentage big and bold for each recipe. Or taking it a step further you could have different recipes for "cutting" and "bulking", etc. Basically double down on whatever is different about diet for fitness people. Set yourself apart and go all in on those differences.

Curious if @jelmerdeboer has any feedback on this concept itself? He has a background in fitness and diets and might be able to shed more light on what role high-protein meals play in someone's diet.

@marc If you hover over the recipe box, you will find the protein, cal, carbs, and time info without going inside. And yes I have very less recipes because I'm still fixing all the other things and continuously testing. Hahahaha! :D And if you can give me a little bit of design idea that would be very helpful.

And yes @jelmerdeboer please give some feedback on this website. Also, I think nilsw has a great physique. if you have any feedback on this concept. That would be very helpful.

P.S: For some reason, i'm not able to tag nils. @marc can you try to tag him here?

I've been toying around with a similar idea (in my head, so take any advice with grain of salt) after losing about 50lbs (~22kg) on Tim Ferriss' slow carb diet.

Basically this exact site but with a different diet.

Here are some thoughts and ideas I had from my experience that I was going to incorporate into my app. You're free to take whatever you'd like :)

  • Finding diet specific recipes on the internet isn't the hardest part of dieting, google does a pretty good job of that unless your diet is crazy niche. The hardest part for me was incorporating the diet into my daily life.

  • For me, a soulless meat machine, I could just find a few recipes to serve as a "staples" and eat them over and over again until I physically couldn't stand them anymore. For my girlfriend, a normal human being, she needed daily variety which required lots of meal planning.

  • Meal planning/prepping/cooking for a specific diet took so many hours and is the real pain in the ass. Picking recipes, building a shopping list, shopping, prepping, cooking, etc. I really think this is the biggest hurdle for most people when they try to diet. Especially if they aren't used to cooking for themselves (which is probably the untapped market of a dieting site).

I envisioned the perfect version of my app and picked features working backwards.

  • The site would email me on a Friday evening with a meal plan for the following week. Giving me a shopping list of everything I needed to shop for so no time was wasted in the grocery store. (save 2-3 hours per week)

  • Bonus if I could just one-click order on the meal plan and have the ingredients shipped to my house. ( I live in the US and was thinking of integrating with Instacart/amazon whole foods or something )... extra bonus for you if you can get affiliate marketing revenue through this

  • Each recipe may have not only ingredients, but also detailed cooking instructions for someone intimidated in the kitchen. — I liked using "Blue Apron" for this reason, their recipes did a good job walking someone through prep & cooking -…

From here there are a million different product ideas (like tracking what the user may already have in their pantry from leftovers and recommending other meals that use those ingredients to cut down waste, metrics to track progress, etc)

But the main goal for would be to make dieting easier and more rewarding than not dieting... and there are a lot of points of friction to tackle outside of just listing recipes.

Hope I sparked some ideas, good luck and keep shipping!