Valerian Saliou


Co-Founder & CTO at Crisp. Also working on Prose.
Joined October 2022
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get first #crisp mirage ai pod to work, end-to-end, downloading, converting and transcribing audio files to text
finishing my new Nomatic Navigator backpack-based nomad setup #life
start to build in-house AI inference API & job manager #crisp
export typescript definitions in my most popular open-source javascript projects
improving my not-so-nomad home network/server setup
batch fixing #prose typescript errors all evening until there is no more
merging #crisp features from madrid
launch the new #crisp helpdesk design and push it to all users
working on new #crisp knowledge base design
publish article about my bag/suitcase minimal packing process… #life
cloud gaming on my new controller fit for my backpack #life
add ability to send links opening in a frame in the #crisp chatbox to build custom chat widgets from the chatbot
work on setting up the new #crisp YouTube studio
build #crisp features in my new office+lab setup
Work on implementing #crisp Web Hooks support to…
Update #crisp docs to document Web Hooks usage from our NodeJS library
Spend day fixing #crisp chatbox widget bugs after last week release
Spend afternoon designing #prose team chat admin UI
Migrate #crisp plugins to shiny new Crisp Web Hooks
Spend 2 days writing documentation for the new #crisp Web Hooks