Santhia Roo


Documenting my journey in building a online design services for startups
Joined October 2022
Working on the #reelunlimited agency page, so other agencies can resell our services.
Get verified on twitter 😂
Playing around Ycode
Working on our french website
There is no way to sleep when you get a new client! On my way to $25K/MRR #reelunlimited
🥳 Celebrating $21K/MRR #reelunlimited
Get a second customer today #reelunlimited
Get a new customer today, I think #reelunlimited reach $20K/MRR
Paying an affiliate
Back to work after 2 days of spiritual rest
Reached 10.0k monthly page views across Reel Unlimited products and services, and we need to upgrade our Pirsch subscription.
We build to bring traffic to our design services like #reelunlimited and earn affiliate commissions when we refer customers to our competitors. Today Service OK earned its first affiliate commission from a visitor referred to Reel Unlimited.
New customer and +$499/MRR #reelunlimited
Move #technicaly to webflow
Subscribed to Calendly for the first time after using them thousands of times for free
❌ Refund a customer who asked us to do UI/UX design on a $499 graphic design plan #reelunlimited
A customer I love switched from an Early discounted plan of $299 to $899 #reelunlimited
Get a new customer switching from a competitor #reelunlimited
Wrote an article about How Reel Unlimited clients can cancel their subscriptions.
Doing bookkeeping and reviewing accounting #reelunlimited