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To the coders, have you tried building things with "no code"?

Hi Pete,

I've messed around with several but none of them stuck around. Usually you run into it's limitations or the platform is so quirky and hides abstractions that it's easier to code yourself.

Every year I think there will be a good and popular no-code app, but from what I've seen they all fizzle out after a while.

No-code is way faster to get started, so for prototyping or sketching an idea out it could work (But maybe Figma or Framer is better for this). With code you have to configure all kinds of boilerplate code before doing something, so it takes a while to get going which is a downside.

Where no code really shines I think is for marketing websites. Like a product page or a simple "home, about us, portfolio" website. I've seen agencies charge 50k for those and designing / coding them from scratch while a 50$ template would do the same using Webflow, Framer Sites, Wordpress, Squarespace etc...

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Thanks Pieter,

That's been my impression looking in at these tools from the outside.

Just kind of wondering if there have been any leaps or improvements in functionality.

My instinct is that if I can build something quick with code, do that instead... But since I code for a living I may be biased against no-code stuff and I always want to check my biases lol