A better way to explore NFT traits
Fix bug where I wasn't saving traits to the database anymore 😅 #traits
Save background colors for tokens #traits
Make range slider values sync between main and mobile navigation #traits
Add Twitter cards for collections #traits
Add working (but still kinda unintuitive) range slider for filtering numeric values #traits
Don't show traits with 150+ values for now as it slows things down a lot (will add search later) #traits
Create daily Telegram notification of KPIs inspired by @AndreyAzimov #traits
Fix bug which prevented trait counts from showing up correctly #traits
Make multi-range slider because HTML only has single-range slider #traits
Share learnings dealing with lots of data in Rails app #traits

Add dashboard to manage OpenSea API imports and replications #traits
Completely restructure data-model using a more OO approach. All collections/assets get imported from OpenSea API and saved without modification. Afterwards they get "replicated" to a native format. This will allow me to easily replace or mix multiple APIs #traits
Add redirect to "Get listed" Airtable form #traits
Load everything with Turbo Frames (to simplify controllers and different parts of the page to be loaded in parallel and cached easier) #traits
Significantly speed up importing of new collections (possibly by ~100x) by using bulk insertion and by changing the order of how things are inserted #traits
Generate Twitter header images with A.I. #traits
Add a bunch more popular collections #traits
Add read-replica database because writing was breaking the site #traits
Design simple homepage with huge logo because that's what the cool kids do these days? #traits
Add Twitter follow button to bottom right #traits