Photo AI


Photo AI is the first AI Photographer
add favorite photo ‚̧ԳŹ heart button to save photos #photoai
add remove photo X in top right when hovering #photoai
change #photoai shell Curl to PHP Curl code for safety
add [ Your camera roll ] and [ Your saved photos ] so you can save your favorites and the camera roll can be deleted auto to save space #photoai
try img2img #photoai
tie photos to user_id so you can only see your own AI photos #photoai
tie training models to user_id so you cannot see/use other people’s models #photoai
show create model first if user signs up and no models trained yet #photoai
add user accounts to #photoai with ?hash
separate outfit by top and bottom and separate colors eg white crop top, blue jeans #photoai
improve #photoai with new sampler
have renders show up for each photo individually once they’re done by polling JSON for each photo and if it stops 404ing we show it #photoai
make AJAX polling work with JSON file that gets updated by PHP server worker to tell client the status of images generated and show them each once each is done #photoai
make #photoai update placeholders when ONE image in the group of images for the job is done based on JSON file updating via AJAX polling
make #photoai make placeholders on AJAX when getting reply of photos processing
make #photoai work with DB now
go viral in Brazil with #photoai
go viral in Russian Reddit group w/ #photoai
make #photoai git repo
migrate #photoai to work from DB queue and photos db instead of JSON text files