Building my fullstack development skillset
Help brother with website #dev
Continue with coding sessions at places which are not my house #dev
read up about graph databases #dev
When I was in office 5 days a week I always wanted to work from a cafe. Now I can… but never do. So force myself to leave my cave more often #dev
Read up about XSLT’s and xquery #dev
Read up on unit testing #dev
Consolidate webhosting and domains and choose a more sane hosting package #dev
Brainstorm about changing the tone and copy of my personal website ( to 'professional' developer guy instead of internet blog guy #dev
Post job post for employer to recruit frontend dev's #dev
Work trip to Hamburg #dev
Visit JSNation #dev
Dev on project #dev
Read documentation about schemas, validation and middleware #dev
Awkwardly record myself developing to maybe stream something down the line #dev
Watch unit test video's and practice on codebase #dev
Buy JS Unit Testing and Docker Udemy course and watch them #dev
(Try) to put NodeJS Flight Ticket Telegram bot on Digital Ocean Droplet. Ragequit for today after droplet 1 has strange connection / dependency issues. Restoring back-up removed new SSH key 🤡. Figure out I'll use Docker on droplet 2. Fight DO container registry auth issues and call it a day... #dev