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App Maker Verse guides you through the app planning process
Initiate first contact with some potential speakers for the next meetup #appmakerverse
Started planning for the second meetup of startups and founders in app planning phase #appmakerverse
Reactivate my account on Facebook and start engaging with users there #appmakerverse
Conduct a meetup of idea stage startups in my city of Indore (India) and understand how they plan their apps #appmakerverse
Create a whatsapp group of all participants and share reminders to them #appmakerverse
Finalize the poster for the in-person meeting to share #appmakerverse
#appmakerverse Share the Saturday meetup details on LinkedIn, Twitter and local group on Reddit
#appmakerverse Share the Saturday meetup details to college whatsapp group
Make the event public and invite startups in my local city to the meetup #appmakerverse
#appmakerverse Share the Saturday meetup details to personal contacts
Finalize the message for meetup to be shared in various startup groups #appmakerverse
Get a confirmation from Prof. Sachi as the expert speaker for my next meetup on Saturday #appmakerverse
Finalize the venue for next meetup #appmakerverse
Setup dev environment on new laptop #appmakerverse
Collect biodata of guest speaker for the next event #appmakerverse