Takeout, delivery, and curbside info for LFK restaurants
Launched March 19, 2020
added created + modified dates and back dated my existing data so that I can more easily highlight recently added restaurants and places #lfk
added four more places to #lfk and noticed some missing cuisine types that probably impact the usefulness of our search
shipped a new design for #lfk
fixed my #lfk GitHub Action that deployed any branch update. We accidentally deployed a new design before we noticed it tonight.
Upgraded instant.page release on #lfk
Fixed missing htmx link on #lfk
fixed a few performance redirect problems for #lfk that I didn't realize I was having. I deleted all of my custom Cloudflare rules and switched to their toggle-able features now that they exist.
deployed a hidden v2 homepage, cleaned up some templates, and made some other internal changes #lfk
mocked up a new homepage for #lfk
fixed broken #lfk dropdown menu to remove it
switched DNS over on #lfk to start giving it some real traffic
made new launch checklist for #lfk
double checked I had canonical urls setup after seeing Pieter's post #lfk
New queued changed UGC sketch to figure out how to sort out a bunch of proposed changes for #lfk
fixed some layout issues and added a nicer gradient for the logo #lfk
fixed #lfk search filters/faucets so they filter correcting both for search and non-search
ūüöÄ one or two small bugs away from an #lfk relaunch
reworked search for #lfk
sketched out a coming soon page concept for #lfk
working on a change log feed for #lfk