Takeout, delivery, and curbside info for LFK restaurants
Launched March 19, 2020
New queued changed UGC sketch to figure out how to sort out a bunch of proposed changes for #lfk
fixed some layout issues and added a nicer gradient for the logo #lfk
fixed #lfk search filters/faucets so they filter correcting both for search and non-search
🚀 one or two small bugs away from an #lfk relaunch
reworked search for #lfk
sketched out a coming soon page concept for #lfk
working on a change log feed for #lfk
refreshed a scaper to pull restaurants from a few local websites #lfk
worked on some fixes for #lfk
deployed and updated templates with new data points #lfk
🚜 moves delivery and social media links from static data to dynamic website #lfk
researched how to boost Django contrib search but didn't quite find a good workaround #lfk
worked on place form design #lfk
updated faceted search for #lfk
added fauceted search layout to #lfk. Might give it another shot
added support for marking businesses as a chain #lfk
💚 started adding tests to #lfk to fill some time and improve stability
did some light #lfk work but mostly had a day of meetings
added much more usable forms than I previously created #lfk
🔨 Fixed calculations on cuisines and neighborhoods that were not adding up #lfk