Other things
walk in dunes and see horses #self
visit Texel with family #self
get email from follower explaining what to do and research when building dome #self
first run in 2 years #self
get first flower on Canna indica planted from seed last year 😍 #self
harvest batch of worm compost #self
become helpful on wip #self
take a very long walk with gf and baby after being away for a week #self
read Silence #self
read Who am I? Pilot #self
4x8x80kg bp, 4x8x60kg lat pulldown, 3x12x50kg machine chest press, 3x12x40kg machine shoulder press, 3x10x16kg alternating db curl #self
3x12x20kg incline db press, 3x8x wide grip pull up, 3x12x wide straight arm trx row, 3x12x12,5kg cable fly, 3x12x12,5kg cable one arm push down, 3x12x12,5kg cable one arm curl, 3x12x8kg seated dumbbell side raise #self
3x12x18 seated dumbbell ohp, 3x8x wide grip pull up, 3x12x trx straight arm wide row, 3x10x push ups with feet and hands on medicine ball, 3x12x27kg rope pull down, 3x12x20kg cable curls #self
5x5x90kg bench press 5x5x pull ups wide grip 3x12 push ups 3x12 lying barbell row 3x12x23kg cable flys 3x12x52kg cable horizontal row 3x12x36kg cable push down 3x12x32kg cable biceps curl #self
admin 2022-Q2 #self
2x25x floor wipers 60kg 50x step up 50cm 2x25x push ups 2x25x deadlift 60kg 2x25x db clean and press 16kg 8-7-5-3-2x wide grip pull up #self
get featured on best social media… #self
read Skin in the game by Nassim Taleb #self
read Bullshit jobs by David Graeber #self
call insurance company to help with broken central heating system #self