Other things
5x5x50kg ohp+ 3x10x20kg seated db press+ 3x10x40kg ez bar biceps curls 3x10x10kg db side raise seated= 3x10x40kg triceps extension+ 3x10x16kg alternating hammer curls= 3x10x54kg rope pulls+ #self
draw lion in gym during rest #self
go gym saturday night because rustig #self
make babi kecap #self
send TPG email with request to write a travel report #self
take bath #self
5x4x90kg bp+ 4x5x60kg speed bp+ 3x8x80kg wide bp+ 3x10x26kg incline db press+ 3x12x18kg db flys+ 3x15x52kg seated cable row= #self
play futsal but lose #self
return book to amazon because pages falling out #self
brainstorm ideas for portfolio instagram account #self
5x5x60kg squat 3x12x45kg leg ext 3x12x45kg lying leg curl 4x10x20kg hyper ext 5x10x lying leg raise #self
4x10x59kg seated cable row 5x5x wide grip pull up 3x12x42kg seated lat pulldown 4x10x20kg hyper extension 4x6x60kg pendlay rows #self
get ai avatar printed on public transport card #self
successfully germinate durian seeds after only 2 days #self
help old friend to explain how business class upgrades work #self
try to germinate durian seeds #self
draw mannetjes #self
3x12x60kg lat pulldown 3x12x60kg seated row 5x5x40kg smith machine ohp 4x20x18kg alt hammer curl #self
choose as youtube handle because first and full name were already taken #self
send bank statements to bookkeeper #self