Your feedback would be appreciated on my new business idea

Problem: Cyberwarfare allows malicious actors to spread attacks across far more people far more quickly than traditional warfare (i.e. bombing, nuclear weapons, guns). However, the levels of cyberweapon security and traditional (nuclear) weapon security do not match up. Cyberweapons are often stolen (which is unheard of for physical weapons).

Solution: A security company that specializes in security for cyberweapons. Since these weapons can often be complicated, this company would innovate on existing techniques to create new processes and standards for what security in cyberspace should look like.

Monetization: Sell services to governments and corporations.

Hey Dima,

I have some experience selling to the US Government and let me tell you, it's not easy at all. There is actually a summit going on now with several Governments convening to discuss ramping up Cyberwarfare.

If you have expertise in this area, it may be a good time to jump in. However, if this is new territory for you, I'd recommend sitting back. You may be able to find a way to take what these large companies implement and minify it for smaller organizations.

oh, that's great! thanks for the insight & feedback, Daniel.

@DanielFrance would you mind giving me feedback on my other ideas -… that really help.