Roast my new business ideas! Please :)

1) consumer tendering app similar to the Tendering process of companies, so for example, a home owner wants to (build a 4x6 swimming pool and install 2x 3 ton AC ) he will just post and gets proposals from different sellers. rather than him going looking for it. The main idea is that the one with the money shouldn't be the one looking for sellers, it should be the other way around.
so it is a sort of classifieds ad aimed towards services.
is that a good app concept?

2) an app for house plans, now a lot of engineering consultants companies advertise their plans on social medial .. the idea is to collect as many plans possible in the database and the customer can refer to the app for the best plan and from there they are guided to the consultant company

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Itโ€™s super hard to roast a business idea (atleast for me ๐Ÿ˜„) consider what people said on HN when dropbox was pitched and see where dropbox is now (dropbox example since I saw that on twitter other day)

that said, I would like add something useful:
consider moving to a further step and write down business plan for each ideas โ€” how do we make money of this and whatโ€™s the strategy and start with one which you are leaning more towards.

there is also another approachโ€” just pick one which can be shipped in a month or less and get it to the hands of potential customers. basically ship, launch and get feedback quickly

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@basbasov I dont think either of these are necessarily "bad" ideas. I think I like #2 best. I'm just not entirely sure how you capture the market.

Do you have experience in either of these areas?

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