Would you consider offering 75% OFF to get $10k MRR?

I'm building AppChop to help startups acquire their first 100, 1000 or 10000 paying customers month-to-month in exchange for up to 75% off the subscription pricing ─ would you consider it?

As a bonus, you get:
  1. Up to $100k startup capital
  2. Over $10k MRR from Lifetime Customers who pay you month-to-month
  3. Customers who want to give you relevant feedback

And you keep 100% ownership of your startup.

The cool thing is, even established companies can use the platform to acquire new customers or different segments of the market without up-front risks at a fraction of the cost versus what they do now.

- - - - - -

AppChop will only do 1 launch per month with a well-vetted SaaS company. We're working hard to get well-known companies lined up like Close, Slack, Sucuri, Ghost, Trustpilot.

Our first "Lifetime Customer" launch is scheduled for Q1 2022!

75% discount for an unknown product sounds like it wasn't worth the full price. This discount is fine when you sell something with well-established market value. With a new product, you should position yourself with the price.