Why is the Shippening a static time? Why can't we set it to something else?

The Shippening is at 4pm or so where I live and there are times when I don't remember to log tasks until the evening.

Unfortunately, that means that I lose my streak in WIP.

Btw, if you're thinking "well, just don't care", then I think you greatly underestimate how gamification can help create incentives, which help create habits. And our habits make up our every day.

There have been a few discussions about this in the chat.

In short:

  • Technically it's actually quite tricky to allow for different cut-off times. Especially if they can later be changed (see below).
  • People travel across different timezones. This complicates things even more as during a timezone switch one day might only be a few hours long and another 24+ hours.
  • Having a shared deadline fosters more of a community feeling.

If I could flip a switch and have user-specific deadlines I'd do it, but it's just too difficult right now to get right. Your feedback (and those of others) is noted though. If there's any experienced Ruby developers that are willing to take a stab at it I'll consider providing repository access.

Ah ok thanks for the response!

I understand it's a difficult technical/UX problem. If I can think of a novel solution, I'll be sure to mention it.