Where do you soft launch new features?

I'm launching a new feature this week, mainly for marketing reasons.

It's the integration between Wuf and Lemon Squeezy, to receive mobile notifications for every store event (like new subscriptions, new sales, and so on).

I'm launching it on Twitter, where I have an audience and many indie hackers are present, it might be useful for them.

Which channels do you usually use for similar purposes?

I'm currently in a similar process w inpilot, except I'm "soft launching" new features and improvements daily.

That's because I still have quite some work to do in order to be competitive.

Still, the best ways to market new features usually depend on your target market. Considering Wuf targets builders - at least that's what I got from the website lol - the best channels to soft launch new features are the indiehacking/saas subreddits, and imho...

LinkedIn could also be big considering there are a TON of startup people that spend hours on the platform.

Keep us posted!

I'll definitely try those channels Luca 🤗

You're right, Wuf might be a great fit on LinkedIn as well.

Congrats! I assume you're building some kind of user base of emails for this stuff too which can be a good channel. Also a big fan of products that have a very engaged Slack with an updates channel - helps me check in and streamline (Linear is a great example of this).

Does Lemon Squeezy have any community forum / spaces online (like Framer does) where you could potentially market some new features?

Also are there any LS "gurus" (like Squarespace has in the form of hard core bloggers) that you could give access and they could promote?

Lastly; previous SAAS clients, we found some pretty engaged newsletters where we could sponsor or squeeze in a bit of exciting copy (very short and sharp so it's not a product update everyone ignores) to get some enthusiasm (and new users due to this) on new features.