Where can I post myself as a service?

I want to slowly increase marketing for #iwryc

Current plan of attack is to start posting on Fiverr. Also, thinking of posting on Local Facebook Groups to see if people need help locally and prefer face-to-face reviews/help. I can definitely help out new people and that may be the market I should look into and not just techies.

Here is my current traffic - -- my current promotions have been through notification for friends on Fb and LinkedIn; and post on indiehackers for November thread.

and I made a post on PH but did not promote that -- wanted to see if I could get organic traction... nope ;-)

What's your conversion rate like?

The reason I ask is because I think the landing page could use a lot of work. I like the idea, but the page doesn't inspire a lot of confidence and it's not totally clear to me what exactly you provide. What type of feedback can I expect? Is the service for helping me solve a specific problem (e.g. bug or design decision), or am I supposed to just give you some code and you'll share whatever you think?

I also think the $9.99 price point might be hurting you as it communicates "low value". This seems one of those situations where your conversion rate might actually increase with a higher price.

As for places of where to list that really depends on your strategy. A place like Fiverr might work out with your current price point, but like I said I'd really advice against that approach. At a higher price point more channels become feasible (i.e. you can afford to pay more per lead).

I would suggest trying out content marketing as it lets you prove your expertise, and then people can pay for feedback specific to their code. So maybe start doing code reviews for open source projects, or on Stack Overflow. And then find a legitimate reason to link back to your site (maybe to explain certain concepts in more depth). And ultimately have a CTA there for people who'd like feedback on their own code.

I'd also check out (?) the new Github Marketplace.

This is a great service to promote to your audience. If you don't have an audience, you should build one.

Reviewing code is one of those things where my main question is "Do I trust this guy's opinion?" The more I get to know you, the more I trust your opinion.