Whats' the reference WordPress theme/plugin setup for a SaaS?

Something with: - Plans comparison in columns - Social Proof banners - Plans pages - CTA buttons - SEO optimised

I'm a bit out of the loop on Wordpress stuff (I prefer middleman), but it's probably worth looking at themes like… to get started.

Self plug, take a look at - (very barebones may not be what you are looking for at all) I am running my SAAS(s) off WordPress using this plugin I made.

Otherwise setting up a WordPress isn't much different from a regular WordPress install to accept payments + plugins + good theme.

Seems like a theme optimized to make landing pages is what you are looking for.

Yeah I saw your product. But there is ZERO documentation. The website is literally a black box.

Guess, you missed the barebones tag.

As per your comments on "ZERO documentation": The features list page is what there is for documentation. That much accepts Paddle payments + manage user state based on their payment status. Guess, you didn't even get that far?

And as per your "black box" comment: Building MVP style, that's powering all my SAAS in production, so not just a proof of concept. But the actual thing.

I go by 👉 Less Code is always better. The Best Code is No Code At All.

Chill, it's nothing personal. I'm just taking the time to give you some feedback. I really think if you want to get more sales you should work on some showcasing material like screenshots, backend demo accounts, or even link to a SaaS website that works with your product.