What worked best for you as a traffic source?

I'm interested in finding out what strategy worked best for you guys in driving organic traffic to your products.

Blog articles on a consistent basis has pushed a couple websites I manage to organic growth. More than 200% year over year.

Good to know SEO still works.
Any tools you use in particular?

I use Webflow to host those sites but honestly that doesn't matter. Main thing is structuring your html to be semantically correct, adding relevant meta descriptions and title tags, writing good content and bring consistent.

Try marketplaces, software catalogues, app stores, integrations with other tools.

  1. Social & Display ads.
  2. Viral marketing.
  3. Public relationship.
  4. Unconventional PR.
  5. Search Engine Marketing.
  6. Offline advertising.
  7. SEO.
  8. Content Marketing.
  9. Mailling.
  10. Engineering as marketing.
  11. Influencers.
  12. Partnerships.
  13. Live sales.
  14. Affiliation.
  15. Grow on platforms.
  16. Trade shows
  17. Event offline.
  18. Public speaking.
  19. Building a community.

presented in the book Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth

I was looking for real-life examples of organic traffic sources that worked for you in particular: this means no paid options (ads, paid influencers, trade shows etc.), no general advice such as ASO, SEO, "have you tried marketing?" etc.

Thank you.

For instance: for a while Dribbble was a nice source of traffic and exposure for the game I'm working on. It still is.

It depends on your business.

for me what works is :
· Post on Linkedin (The algo is broken, the reach is huge. you can make ultra viral post simply)
· Facebook group (don't spam!:) )
· Specialized forum / Slack (answer people's questions and if your product can help share it)