What text editor do you use?

I built

Maker of WIP amongst other things.
🇦🇹 Freelancer :: ✉️ [email protected] :: 🌐
  • Coding currently in PHPStorm (formerly Sublime Text 3)
  • Quick edits via FTP still in Sublime Text 3
  • And I'm building something custom for my note-taking needs (Because shipping!)
I know nothing.

VSCode - Arguably the best text editor for Web Development with Tons of Extensions

Born 1984, partly nomadic designer/developer from Stockholm, Sweden.
Decentralization evangelist, Entrepreneur, Life hacker, Backend engineer. Cyberpunk @ | Building AirGapped Crypto Vault live on stream
  • PHPStorm for PHP & NodeJS
  • Visual Studio Code for GoLang
  • Atom as a basic text editor

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