What should I work on next?

Hi WIP Chat, I'm looking for feedback for a bunch of ideas I thought of while showering.

Wanna get a sense of how much value tools like these could bring to you!

1) "Instant Zen" Website I faced this problem when working too long at a computer, feeling crappy and stuck at my seat. Most mindful apps/ tools are a phone's login and click away.

Could there be something that gives me instant gratification a browser away without clicking 5 buttons or going to Facebook?

2) "% Bars" To-do List Most to-do list apps don't allow you to mark when a project is say 40% completed, with little DAG-like function (Task A -> Task B...).

I think that having % bars can make people feel much more motivated to get started, building momentum on their tasks, especially at the start.

3) "Remember-me" App Young adults are too busy, and there are close people we lose contact with not because we want to, but because of different life paths.

Could there be any app that tells you "You have not contacted X for 3 months, send her an interesting article?" kind of pings?

4)"Distracts-you-to-focus-better" Tool

Like how people like to distract themselves with some music when studying/ working better, could there be games that reward us when we rise above the distractions?

For example, opposite of many productivity apps that reward you for not using FB/ Social Media for 30mins, could the tool reward you a fixed time of say 3 mins of FB every 30 mins of work, and you lose points if you exceed the 3 mins?

5) "Negative Thought" Collector

I had this idea when thinking about mental health, that one of the worse things about it is that most people actually have similar negative thoughts, but feel alone in their woes.

What if we had an anonymous dumping ground for people's worse/ most stressful thoughts of the day, visualized in some big-data way so people can while finding an outlet to destress, see other people's negative thoughts and feel better that they are not alone.


I like this strategy to identify if/which product is worth pursuing:…

Hey this was really useful, thanks! :)

second above. We should talk about some of these projects, as I could provide some insight into them

Awesome, what's the best way to contact you?

I can't seem to find your user on the telegram chat!