What's this website feature (plug-in?) called?

Hoping you all can help me out here because this is an incoming word salad of nonsense not even Google can figure out.

Okay, you know on a website, there's a headline? (Obviously.)

But then you can make part of that headline fade out then say new text? Part of the text is still there and don't change/fade out. It's just specific words that fade and change. Sometimes it flips up to reveal the new ending of the headline and cycles through the different options.

That. What the hell is that called?

And which website/landing page builder offers it as some kind of feature/plug-in/thing that doesn't require me to learn code?

If I could find a live example of it, I'd share it, but I don't. I just remember seeing it once years ago, and it'd be perfect for what I'm working on creating.

And if you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about because I'm absolutely terrible at describing anything tech related, please feel free to laugh at my incompetence. (Trust me, I already am too. 🤣) 

I believe you’re referring to animated text, where only portion of the text changes (

Most no-code platforms will allow you to add CSS code on the page (to achieve the effect)

Otherwise, to do it fully no-code, Webflow can do it — but it does take quite a bit to learn, if you start a page from scratch. You’d probably be better off using a template and simply modifying the section you’re looking to have animated text on.

I know what you're talking about, and always put your best foot forward! Don't call yourself incompetent. I have a website here that uses this technique to display the header: ("Company" gets replaced by other words)

Agree with @alvivanco, typically just refer to it as animated text or fade-in-fade-out text, not sure there's a proper term for it. I can send you the code for this if you want to use it on your own website where you have control over the source code, otherwise use webflow as mentioned above.

Hi, @thecatstickler: I’ve sometimes seen it as the “typewriter effect”. Here you have a codepen you can just copy and paste if not a able to code:…

I made this free typerwriter effect plugin for Carrd sites, but could probably work for yours too as it's a standalone code snippet, with just html and css, no javascript. Any web builder platform that supports a code emded would work.