What resources would you recommended to someone that wants to start a career in design?

One fool proof method (which takes grit). And Five Other Tips.

Here is the fool proof method:

Pick your favourite 3 websites and copy them completely in Sketch/Figma/CSS.
This is like watching Gary Kasparov play Chess and seeing how he puts his moves together.
Then tinker with the copied website. Change the fonts. Change the Background Gradients. Change the margins.

Hunter S. Thompson (American Author) inspired me here. He used to type out his favourite books word for word. The entire Book. And more than once. Moby Dick, Great Gatsby. He did them all.

You need to know what it feels like to create a masterpiece. In my opinion this is the most sure fire way of becoming good at design.

Five Other Tips.

  1. Consume as many amazing websites as possible. What you can produce === what you have consumed.

Check: & for good resources.

  1. Design First. CSS Later.

Using Sketch has made me 5 times better (or Figma).
This way I can try out 5 ideas really quickly and see what works.
Styling 5 different layouts in CSS can take hours.

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