What is your favorite method to get users to re-engage with your app/product?

Still learning this, but email seems to get me some results. Tried of a couple of things A. 1. A Note to say something is coming 2. Followed by whatever is coming. B. Emailing people directly rather than as a message to a list. Both works well to re-engage people. C. Segmenting list for those that have not opened newsletters. All seem to work, just do not send to the same people.

This is really great insight. I'm going to try doing A on a regular basis and see how that works. for B, do you email people directly based on a criteria? or is it everyone?

I do not have any specific criteria. But, I do spend a bit of time getting to know subscribers, and if there is an opportunity to engage I will send them an email.

Event based mailing.

Email users based on what they've done on your product.

You should have different series of emails that engages a user back into the product. That depends largely on how well you understand what value you're adding to your users and based on what they did, how can you take your users to the place where they realize your product value.

Also, this is a great read.…