What is your favorite domain registrar and why would you recommend them?

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Have some domains on It does the job. Recently registered a couple with namecheap, which has a probably better interface and it's cheaper (both on domains and SSL certificates at least).

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namecheap is my fav, but I've only used that and GoDaddy. namecheap interface is clean and easy to use, quick checkout etc


Check — I alternate between namecheap and namesilo. In principle I like namesilo better because no upsells, faster no BS web interface, easy editing domains in bulk, and 2fa compatible with Google Authenticator / Authy. But pricewise usually namecheap is hard to beat. Used Google Domains before — it's nice, but overpriced and Google :(

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I recently switched all of ~100 my domains to Namecheap. My reasons:

  • Good prices (make sure to ask for the volume discount if you transfer a lot of domains at once)
  • Availability of most .TLD's you'd need
  • Website is relatively easy to use
  • Not too many up sells (unlike GoDaddy, etc)
  • Good customer support (haven't needed it much, but when I transferred all my domains to them they were extremely helpful making sure everything went okay).

Kudos to

  • Good pricing
  • Nice search
  • Crips and easy UI <3
  • 2FA
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Namecheap. Very quick support, good prices, simple website and you aren't supporting a sleazy site like godaddy with stupid ads etc

Used to be Hover, but now I'd have to recommend Namecheap. Pricing is better and they have a mobile app that's improved significantly since I began using it. They also are now carrying .ai domains if anyone's been looking for one of those.

I was using NameCheap, but in efforts to shave savings, moving not so important domains to (have been using them for under a month, but so far so good)

I've used GoDaddy a lot -- but don't / can't recommend them. Got in before they were sleazy. Starting to use NameCheap and have positive experience with their chat support. I like that they give you a customer PIN to verify yourself -- wish ATT and others would do as much. It does feel like NameCheap is getting BIGGER ( more profit hungry ) over time.

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