What is your favorite domain registrar and why would you recommend them?

Have some domains on It does the job. Recently registered a couple with namecheap, which has a probably better interface and it's cheaper (both on domains and SSL certificates at least).

namecheap is my fav, but I've only used that and GoDaddy. namecheap interface is clean and easy to use, quick checkout etc

Check — I alternate between namecheap and namesilo. In principle I like namesilo better because no upsells, faster no BS web interface, easy editing domains in bulk, and 2fa compatible with Google Authenticator / Authy. But pricewise usually namecheap is hard to beat. Used Google Domains before — it's nice, but overpriced and Google :(

I recently switched all of ~100 my domains to Namecheap. My reasons:

  • Good prices (make sure to ask for the volume discount if you transfer a lot of domains at once)
  • Availability of most .TLD's you'd need
  • Website is relatively easy to use
  • Not too many up sells (unlike GoDaddy, etc)
  • Good customer support (haven't needed it much, but when I transferred all my domains to them they were extremely helpful making sure everything went okay).

Kudos to

  • Good pricing
  • Nice search
  • Crips and easy UI <3
  • 2FA

Namecheap. Very quick support, good prices, simple website and you aren't supporting a sleazy site like godaddy with stupid ads etc

Used to be Hover, but now I'd have to recommend Namecheap. Pricing is better and they have a mobile app that's improved significantly since I began using it. They also are now carrying .ai domains if anyone's been looking for one of those.

I was using NameCheap, but in efforts to shave savings, moving not so important domains to (have been using them for under a month, but so far so good)

I've used GoDaddy a lot -- but don't / can't recommend them. Got in before they were sleazy. Starting to use NameCheap and have positive experience with their chat support. I like that they give you a customer PIN to verify yourself -- wish ATT and others would do as much. It does feel like NameCheap is getting BIGGER ( more profit hungry ) over time.