What is the habit or process that helps you find online insights and hacks for your work?

Do you stumble upon it in groups or in social media / or do you regularly check some sites or?

It's usually something where I see someone else work (IRL or screencast) and be like "hey that's an interesting technique!"

what about reading stuff for inspiration (apart from wipchat obviously!)?

I'm not sure I read much for inspiration. If I notice something specific is inefficient or boring, I go look for better ways of doing that specific thing. I don't read generic lifehack articles, etc.

Just being there in lots of groups ( or or or or active on Social Media (I know it's time-consuming but u learn lots).

So nowadays I block every social site & app from 9:00 am until 8-13 hours later using Self Control & Hey Focus & later on I read the conversations for probably half an hour at night while I feel like sleeping.

This blog has some apps like above for your particular OS & also some tips on being productive while working -…

Awesomde, thanks. I am just now dipping my feet in all the magic that is Telegram groups!

Yep since you are new, I linked to all those groups :)

Ohh & here's a special one, particularly for women 👉

I regularly check sites. I read hacker News daily, I browse Collect UI for design inspirations, I also browse dribble for design also and I follow some specific people on twitter

Podcasts! There are lots in the webdev arena (SyntaxFM, Design Details come to mind) and niche ones for several other industries.