What is the best words for "goals" (ex. quit smoking) and "tasks" (ex. don't smoke every day for a week)?

for "don't smake every day for a week" habits, regimen, routine

Thanks for you answer. But I mean, is "goals" the right word for things like "quit smoking"? Or purpose, objective, aim is better?

I wonder if "Goals" is too loaded nowadays, people make and break a lot of goals, so maybe it draws negative feelings. (Like S.M.A.R.T. goals yikes) "Objective", "Purpose", "Mission" isn't as loaded imho. Saying this, "Goals" still might be the most descriptive.

By your explanation I'd say "goals" is the right/most used word choice.

Goals if you're talking to a human. Objectives if you're talking to a British spy with a license to kill.

^ what he said.

Humans call these things goals.