What is the best way to repost Instagram contents to Twitter?

Here's how I do it:…

Hi Marc

Thank you very much for the tips! It's working! 🙌

I'll have to pay for Zapier 20/mo but it's a good investment. I can do lots more things instead of tedious copy&paste and reupload on social media.

I will look for more useful zapier recipes to get most out of the starter plan 🤔

I’ve been considering recreating this as a stand-alone service. I wonder if anyone would pay for it though. What do you think?

Short answer, YES.
I think that's a good idea! I will definitely go with it if it's less expensive than Zapier monthly fee. You can consider me your potential customer for Insta -> Twitter autopost service🤘

The long answer....
I met a lot of people from age 25 ~35 in Europe, and they mainly use Twitter and Instagram. So I want to be active both on Insta and Twitter.

I think solo-prenups have a lot of problems in managing social media accounts. When you have multiple brands, you might spend your day easily on social media, which nobody wants. We want to create more and spend less time on social media.

I'll manage three brands. So it will be a big time saver if I can make a clean tweet out of an Instagram post.

Here are the reasons I don't use cross-post scheduling software on the market for Instagram and Twitter. None of them fulfils my requirements for the moment.

Number of the characters
You can write long texts on Instagram.
Twitter, on the other hand, the number of character is very limited. When you use IFTTT Instagram repost to Twitter (which is already hard for non-techie/non-marketer person, I guess), the caption is cut off in the middle of a sentence or a hashtag. And it looks über ugly.

Instagram Features
I want to compose an Instagram post on its app (or Flume), not on a cross-post service.
On the Instagram app, you can add the location, hashtags on comment area, and filters.

Thanks. That's really helpful.

I'm not sure yet how to solve the character count problem though. As there's no easy way to count the number of characters when writing the Instagram caption. It appears when using Instagram's "Send to Twitter" feature it just cuts off the caption.

I post Instagram from Flume (Mac) so I would use Ulysses or to count text. but I usually don't count text. I just keep the caption shorter than the twitter limit because there will be instagram link and image urls.

Oh, if I can, I want to make a tweet storm when instagram caption is too long. Zapier solution is good, but I have to cut the text in the middle. Sometimes hard to decide where to cut. but not sure other people want it though...

I think someone in the community has picked this up? might wanna keep an eye on that

Hhhahaha my bad just realized it was @marc LOL. Good Stuff 👍🏾 I think it is a great idea

Thank you for taking your time to let me know. I’ve just followed instatweet on wip ✌️

Hi, check out this IFTTT…

Thank you for sharing :D

Actually, I used IFTTT applet in the past. It did post Instagram pictures as twitter native pictures, but the problem was it cut hashtags or description in the middle when the character is more than 140.

But yeah, IFTTT is definitely the best free option!

Oh I see, so seems like this IFTTT is not updates with the latest 280char limit of twitter.

I haven't use IFTTT after they updates to 280 characters, but I sometimes write 300 - 400 characters description for Instagram (LOL)