What is the best way to collaborate on a project digitally with analog people?

TL;DR For now, I have several small collaboration projects with analog people. I have a problem with task/infomation management. We are working purely on chat base. the number of members are 2 or 3, including me. Most of the projects use Telegram, and one project uses Skype. I want my member to take more responsiblity of their tasks and remembering out decision. Longer version When I say “analog people“ here, it means a kind of people who are not used to use digital tools, such as a reminder (todo-lists), google calendar, not mention project management software. One of them is tech-allergic level. She was almost panicked mode when I try to introduce Notion.😂

What annoys me is that people often forget or just overlook stuffs, because new messages push away old important messages. That means my brain tend to be occupied by remembering who’s taking care of what tasks, which to-do is done, pending on process, and what decision we made from the previous conversation. And I ended up taking on all the managing tasks on me, and less time for doing creative part for those projects. For me, it's an unfair situation.

Originally, this question would be, “Is there easy-to-use telegram to-do management chatbots?” But I changed it to a more open way so that I can get other creative suggestions other than using chatbots. I imagine they even wouldn’t use chatbot because typing /todo is already a huge hassle for them.
  • Maybe there is a bot enables to pin several conversations?
  • Should I pin one collaborative a sheet of document?
🤔Any suggestion is welcome!

Hi Yuko,

you can express "analog" or "not-so-tech-savvy" people also with "People who have problems to use new tools" or "people for whom using technology in general and new tools especially is difficult". So - if it's difficult for them to adopt to what you find easy - maybe it is easier for you to adopt to what they find easy.
What do they find easy?
You could just ask them.. "What do you normally use when you are working together with somebody?"
Do you have a possibility to meet each other physically? A board with "Todo", "Doing" and "Done" sections and a couple of post-it notes can work miracles.
Apart from that keep it simple - the most basic project management tool is a todo-list. Old people tend to bsend excel-files via email... I know it's awkward, but if it does the job?

Hope that helps a bit.


Thank you so much for your answer, Jonas.

One of the collaborators is working in the same studio.
A physical board with "Todo," "Doing," and "Done" sounds like a great idea.
I didn't come up with the possibility as I'm a heavily digital-oriented person. I will give it a try.

For another person, the one who showed a kinda panicked reaction to Notion - she suggested me to use Slack together on the other day. It was quite surprising for me. She said that she found it useful when she communicates with her business partner with slack.
It was a great suggestion from her. While I can record and share the overview of the tasks without forcing her to install new tools.

Awesome! 😎 I'm happy for you 😊

I personally have used Basecamp with clients and collaborator because it’s easy to use and it’s one place to share everything that is project-related. I don’t know if it suits people with low tech affinity but I find self-explanatory (intuitive), so it could work for them.

I've just signed up with Basecamp.
I amazed I can do so much even with free account. The all-in-one solution with simple UX looks great for a remote project with clients and/or collaborator. Thank you for letting me know, Alex! I will explore more to see what I can do with it. :)