What is the best payments processing service to accept subscription payments worldwide? I'm from India where Stripe is not working

I've tried Paypal and not happy with it. Looking for stripe like experience.

Checkout Stripe Atlas -

You get a Delaware C-Corp, numerous integrations and $5k in AWS credits.

Last, I checked Razorpay doesn't let you charge in USD, only INR.

Thanks guys for the response. Forgot to mention that we are not a registered company.
Meanwhile I've found gumroad and it was easy to integrate. Do you suggest Paddle over gumroad? any reasons.

@Jonathan, I'll consider the stripe atlas once I start making some money. This is just an experiment :)

You should be careful if you're using gumroad - I think their TOS only allows payments for actual, downloadable "files" - Meaning if you have a SaaS web app they'll notice and ban you.... Happened to me :/