What is a SAAS you are willing to pay for & how much are you willing to pay?

Recently I am seeing a lot of SAAS grow & I am thinking of launching one as a side project. It can be one off like whole automation thing that I make once & forget & it makes me money or it can be something that I have to keep updated like Web or Mobile Templates. As this group has a lot of makers, what's the one thing that will reduce your work & doesn't exist or is poorly made?

Make some solid desktop entertainment app, which could aggregate:

  • twitter;
  • medium;
  • youtube;
  • soundcloud;
  • instagram;
  • facebook;
  • hackernews.

something like Spotify, but for all the things above. I don't want to spend a lot of time going through those platforms one by one. A single place with all important updates and notifications would be perfect. But, please, pay a lot of attention to design.

would I pay for this? Yes! $15-$50 / mo, depending on the number of integrations.


I think it includes many integrations & is free

The thing is that we can't include everything in 1 feed bcz everything is for different purpose. Like I can't have a Tweet & then an InstaPic & then a Facebook Post. It will look weird IMHO.

It should be a good looking feed. Facebook also has different kind of content and it looks fine.

Cool right now I'm making something for Web or Mobile templates. I was looking for something like an Automation thing. I guess I have the answer right now. Asking questions generally gives me answers 😂

Wishing you all the best!