What are your top entrepreneurial podcasts?

I've been liking these ones best lately:

  • Kalzumeus Podcast (Patrick McKenzie)
  • Build Your SaaS (Justin Jackson / Jon Buda)
  • The Indie Hackers Podcast (Courtland Allen)
  • The Kevin Rose Show (Kevin Rose)

Oh and I listen to them all on Breaker. Anyone else on there? I'm!

Right now I'm mainly listening to:

  • TropicalMBA
  • Startups for the rest of us
  • Rogue Startups
  • Art of Product is new to me and quite enjoying it
  • UI Breakfast depending on the guest

Early Stage Founder looks interesting, but I can't remember having listened to it yet!

Though to be honest while I really enjoy podcasts I find I want to concentrate on them, so with no commute etc it's quite hard to find the time!

  • Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman
  • The SaaS Revolution Show