What are your personal goals for 2021?

Share your personal goals for the new year.

  • What are you hoping to achieve?
  • How do you plan to get there?
  • And how can the WIP community help you? 

Share your business goals in this thread:

I’m hoping to go on a 1-month research trip abroad in September. I started one-month research trips in 2017. I liked it so much that I did it again in 2018. In 2019 I didn’t do it because my business trips (4 months - 12k expenses) were too expensive that I had no more money left in September, plus I stopped working with that client who generated the majority of my income. 2020... well everyone knows about that :(

I plan to get there by writing texts on commission (SEO content, sales copy) from Monday to Friday to generate enough surplus money. I reckon that 2.5k suffice for 1 month abroad including return flight. I have not decided yet what my destination will be; also because C19 will probably stay a more permanent companion than we would like.

The WIP community can help me by either commission a text from me for their business or recommend someone who needs text help. I write in English and German and you can see my copywriting portfolio here =>… (@marc I hope it’s ok to set a link to my portfolio; if not I’ll remove it again).

I want to keep going doing strength training 3+ times a week. It also seems time to be bit more strategic rather than just going through the motions. So a bit more planning in terms of which exercises I do, and being more mindful of ensuring progressive overload.

I recently got into the habit of a calm wake-up routine. Where I start the day with some reading, maybe some journaling, and roughly planning what I want to achieve today.

I've also started playing online chess pretty soon after waking up. I'm not sure yet that's a habit I want to cultivate or minimize. As far as entertainment goes, chess is preferable over mindlessly watching youtube or playing casual games. But I'm not sure whether it should be part of my morning routine 😅

The calm wake-up routine with journaling is nice.

(Also, playing chess in the morning is something I never considered as a morning routine. Def a great alternative to being mindless on YouTube.)

Love the calm wake-up routine. Is there an app for this? Would really need something to calm me down...go straight into online mode when I wake up.

No app. I just sit on the couch with a cup of coffee and a notebook.

Someone wrote some advice for a morning routine a couple of weeks back. And that person had the rule 'no input before output'. Which is a nice and not too hard goal.

My 2cts is that 2021 will be the year of the Makers / Creators. You guys are early adopters, and you're going to rule the world! :p So if you're a beginner like me, work on your personal branding and start a community ASAP (I've launched mine using - I'm bullish on this product)

My personal goal is simple: make enough passive income to quit my shitty job and work less than 2hours / day. Right now, I'm so focused on this goal that I spend way too much time on my computer. But that's the price to pay to end this 9to5 life, I guess!

For what it's worth, one thing I've learned over the years that it's not so much about how much time you spend on the computer as it's about what you spend your time on.

This year I started kettle-bell training and I am doing 3 day workouts and one rest day. After a week I found a routine which I really like: warm up > kettle-bell workout > core training workout > stretching > 5 minute laying down mindfulness/conscious breathing. Keep continuing this for as long as I like it.

I stopped drinking alcohol completely and smoke a little of my homegrown CBD-weed in the evenings.

The last 6 months I haven't been studying modular synths that much, mainly because the money I could spend on it dried up and was a bit overwhelmed by it. So, I decided to take things easy and want to spend 30-60 minutes a day without forcing myself too much and only buy modules I really need.

Last year I haven't been hiking or surfing. So, this year I want to do a +10 day long distance hike and multiple surf trips with my girlfriend.

Work-wise, I want to launch quicker and more often. Most of my projects has been +3 months projects and kind of failed or lost interest in them. I hope WIP can help me stay focused and motivated to keep on pushing things forward. This year, I want to make at least 2K MRR, so I don't have to fallback on freelance gigs anymore.

I also have some ideas I would love to work on, but seem a bit out of reach from a business perspective (no business model) and lots of time. Hopefully, I can work on them when I have some recurring revenue. Let's see :)

Some great goals here!

One thing I can share about losing interesting in projects after 3+ months is that I felt and to some extent still feel the same way. It was with BetaList that I decided to push through the less exciting parts and now I've been running it for 10+ years! So it's certainly possible.

I've also learned what keeps me motivated to keep doing. They are customer feedback (people are using the product and have an easy way to reach me), and revenue.

So to me a new project feels like a race where I try to get consistent user feedback and/or revenue, before the novelty of the new project wears off.

Thanks for the advice Marc. User feedback and revenue are great motivators and I have to focus more on that. I end up tweaking things way too much and need to stop this :)

Im still working on some of mine but they are roughly

  • Goals
    • Books read: 24 (up from 19 in 2020)
    • Blog posts published: 12 (up from 3 in 2020)
    • Revenue on side project: $2000 MRR (up from 0 in 2020)
    • Followers on twitter: 350 total (up from 180 at end of 2020)
    • Habits sustained 100% (up from 70% in 2020)
    • No back pain at end of year (up from 40% in 2020)
    • 60 pushups in a row at end of 2021 (up from like 10 in 2020)
    • touch my ankles at end of 2021 (up from my knees in 2020)
    • Less time spent on netflix/reddit/hn
    • Find my 10 year market niche
  • Antigoals
    • don't start gaming
    • don't let netflix, reddit, hn etc suck up your free time
    • don't let back problems slip again
    • don't get sucked into coding for side project
  • Daily Habits
    • Mindfulness: Write morning & evening pages
    • P2K: Write/Retweet one tweet that adds value
    • P2K: 1 Pomodoro & Post a (preferably visual) update (WIP)
    • Mindfulness: Express gratitude to someone else (I am grateful for ...)
    • Mindfulness: Meditate (headspace)
    • Learning: 2 Lessons Spanish (Duolingo)
    • Learning: Memorizing (readwise)
    • Learning: Expansion (Read 3 pages of a book or an article)
    • Health: 10 pushups
    • Health: 2 x Brush teeth & floss
    • Health: Exercise/Stretches
    • Health: Dont bite my fingernails
    • Health: Vegan Vitamin if home

I'm still figuring out how to fit a daily habit of of working on a side project (Project 2K/P2K) though, it feels like I don't have enough time with everything else I've prioritized

Wow that's a lot! I like the anti-goals. I should define some of those myself.

thanks sometimes its easier to focus on what not to do!

I want to start going out for a run first thing in the morning, at least 4 times a week. I love doing it, and It really helps me stay focused during the day, but I can't build an habit out of it, and I end up giving up after a few days. It requires going to bed earlier, which is something I often struggle with, but I'm on the mood of doing it this time.

I also want to start building things again, and more important, finishing them. I used to build side projects for fun pretty often, but since I finished and released two years ago, gaining lots of traction but zero revenue, it's been a total burnout, and I stopped doing it. After a few months doing other stuff, I finally feel like now it's time, so I'm back at it! Hopefully, WIP will help me with that.