What are the odds makers like us in WIP building the next FAANG/similar scale biz?

Thoughts? Referencing PG's

Asking this to spark a meaningful conversation about what do makers think of makers. Why do we make things in the first place? Do we make things for the sake of making? For solving large problems? or both? What are the odds of doing it for both? Side projects tend to be small afterall, do they not?

Bring ambitious people doing cool things together and 30 years from now you will be That Place Where All These Successful People Hung Out In The Past.

We are the PayPal Mafia, the Xerox Parc, and the Viennese coffee shop of 30 years from now. If only 1% of us "makes it", that's 12 future Musks.

Great thinking!!! I think we can quote this within the next 2 - 5 years when we have our first batch of Musks 😏