What are some tips and tricks new WIP members should know about?

Here are some things that spring to mind:

Here's how I use WIP: at the beginning of my workday I visit the website and re-order my pending todo's (click the ⏳ icon in the navigation header) based on importance. I then start with the first todo of whichever product I choose to work on.

I just keep going through these todo's one by one. Kinda like a machine. You might find yourself procrastinating with some todo's or repeatedly skipping them. Decide whether you still want to complete them or not, and whether they are clear enough. If you answer both questions positively just work on that todo next. Build a habit of working on the important thing first regardless of how fun it is. (note to self)

Throughout the day I might run into bugs I need to fix, or other stuff I need to take a look at. Rather than getting distracted by these I just add them as a new todo using the /todo command either in the group chat or individually with the bot. (The difference is that using the former method everybody will be notified. Either way your todo will end up publicly on the site.) – I continue working on the todo at hand.

To mark a todo as complete I typically use the @wipbot <space> command in the group chat so other members see it as well. Occasionally it might be hard to find in that list however in which case I just check it off on site instead. It won't appear in the chat that way, but it still shows up on the homepage.

You might already have an overview of all your tasks elsewhere. What I suggest is to each week or day copy over the todo's you'd like work on in WIP. Not all todo's might be suited for WIP so it's okay not to include them. For example I generally don't include administrative and personal todo's, although some members do. Whatever you prefer.

We might add integrations with existing todo systems in the future so it's easier to manage your todo's across these multiple systems.

Many newcomers get overwhelmed by the chat. You might feel like a stranger at a party where everyone else knows each other. Keep in mind that was true at some point for pretty much every member. The best way to get to know the people is to just introduce yourself. Look for discussions you can add an interesting viewpoint to, or start a discussion yourself perhaps by asking a question you're dealing with.

You'll find WIP members tend to be very friendly and welcoming to new people. Unlike IRL parties however they can't see you standing in a corner by yourself so it's up to you to take the first step.

Don't feel the need to read each and every message. When you join a group of people at a party you don't need to know every single thing that has been said before. Same here. Just drop in and chat away. If you particularly enjoy the topic you might find yourself reading up on some of the older messages, but it's not expected you're in the chat 24/7.

Telegram will notify you whenever someone @mentions you or replies to one of your messages.

As the community has grown quite a few inside jokes and memes have emerged. Pietz' love for React, Amrith and his spiciness, the confusing /startups command, my #marchumor, and more. Don't worry. You'll quickly get a hang of them.

TIL you can reorder todos with drag and drop :)

When you mark a /todo or /done you can send a photo to attach to your task

ask for the hub to see a lot of others telegram chats

@pugson made #wipmusic system for getting focus on task

And more important Be a patron!

There's a pretty active telegram chat room? - meta channel