What are some things you wish you started paying earlier for?

e.g. through delegation, buying the premium version, etc

Taxi rides from airport to hotel
Travel can be tiresome and the last kilometers are usually the trickiest. Finding the exact address of a hotel or Airbnb in a city you've never been to where people speak a language you don't understand. I often skip the public transit options and just get an Uber or Grab.

I don't need anything too fancy, but I feel much happier and ultimately productive if my accommodation is clean, ventilated, well lit, and overall is a place I enjoy being.

It's easy to go overboard with this, and you need to be careful with recurring subscriptions. However, I'd rather free up my time and focus on the core business than investing lots of time in developing services I can just buy. Think Intercom, MailChimp, etc.

100% good tech. I spent years w a laptop people called “the brick” that wasted so much time and when I finally bought a Mac, my productivity went through the roof. Good headphones that don’t break every other month. A kindle that lets me read easily anywhere and is light af, and syncs easily with Readwise so my highlights are easily on my comp.

Also SIM cards w data everywhere, even if it’s just a short trip.

Evernote (for note taking)

I wasted so much time to trying to solve computer problems by myself when I used windows.

Before I buy it, I wasted a lot of time and money to search for good apps for mac.
Too many misleading product reviews and failing apps on the internet...

Instead of buying things, I should have saved up for buying experiences and travels.