What are some sales techniques do you use for your projects?

I was thinking about how traditional sales have changed because of the Internet and the mindset of customers have changed to an active approach ("looking for what I need" instead of "being sold"). Wondering how do you approach the sales process for your products in this age of 'smart' customers

One simple question you can always ask yourself is:

"Who are the "influencers" and how do I show them what I've made?"

In my case I'm selling "Design Your Own" Twitter Canvas', so I sent a batch of A1 canvas to the PoBox of different You Tubers who do , "Mail Time" where they open mail from fans. Our product was particular good for this as the tweets are all personalised so we don't appear just like 'another company'.

If one gets opened on camera: 300,000+ views for £35 pound spent.

The thing with targeting influencers is that your conversion rate is 10X higher than if you go through conventional ad channels:

a) 300,000 people scrolling past a Facebook Ad.
b) 300,000 people watch 20 second clip of their fav YouTuber talk about how 'unique and cool' a product is.

This technique of targeting influencers does not always require this much effort. Here is two other examples I've come across which have worked well:

Make a new web animation framework. Send the beta version to WebDev magazines / Bloggers.

Write a book about how to get a good night sleep. Ask 10 'famous' sleep experts to write a forward to the book.
They then promote the book which their name is now on.