What are some cool sticker/swag ideas for WIP?

Ideas for sticker designs are welcome, but also any other crazy ideas you might have. 😁 #wip

Maker of WIP amongst other things.

Maker of WIP amongst other things.

Some sticker ideas I was thinking of:

  • Street sign like sticker. Yellow square with rounded corners. With "Work in Progress" on it. See below for crappy example.
  • 💎 (for patrons only)
  • 🚧
  • Samoyeds! (ideally with safety helmet)

Work in Progress

Designer or brands and interfaces 🕶

Stickers! Always a good idea. The yellow/black avatar vibe is a great one. Also with the standard emoji you use in the logo/favico.


soon you'll see something. Be prepared for it Marc, and the rest WIP Community 👀

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