What advice could you give yourself in the beginning of your maker path?

What helped you the most and what was a time waste?

Sharing in public! It might be sort of an overdone cliche in the indie hacking world these days, but it was still hard to get myself to do it.

A week ago I broke through that barrier and started a weekly substack where I document my process of building a startup from idea to paying users: Not only have I picked up lots of subscribers, but I've gotten so much support from all corners of the internet - from good friends, people I know but haven't talked to in years, and even complete strangers sending me long messages about how they love my story and are inspired.

The quicker you get comfortable with it, the better IMO

Ship now. Ask questions later.

Seriously. The biggest mistake people make is not to ship. Shipping gives you confidence. Shipping gives you real-world data. Shipping tells you whether people care about what you're making. Ship it.

Sell your By-Products (…) and don't worry too much about competition (unless there's a monopoly).

Love the article! I hadn't heard of that concept phrased like that.

Since anything can work, take the advice that really resonates with you.

— Jason Cohen