What about a « WIP Women » chat?

There is obviously less women than men on wip (actually @yesnoornext found about 21 women for 720 men on the makers page when he created his wip-family twitter list yesterday). I’m not a big fan of [only for women] groups & all, but a side chat might be a good opportunity to actually find other women to talk to.

Men would be welcome too. Wip is the perfect place to help each other with your projects, this group would be nice to facilitate the contact. I’d love to see more women on wip in general.

What do you think?

Women of Wip, if you like the idea, jump in 👉

I actually created a WIP Women group after talking to @nadine_bejou, but I never properly shared it. There's no activity in that group, so I'll close it down in favor of this one. Thanks 🙏

Hi Marie, could you please explain the idea of this chat? So far I could see that WIP community is very friendly and is not sexist. We need to see more women in the main chat! There is definitely some inbalance now, but this can be easily fixed.

Hi Max! I agree with you, the WIP community is very friendly and not sexist. Still, there is very few women talking on the chat. I know it can be a bit tricky to create a side group for women, but I though it could also encourage them to express themselves and might give them more confidence. I'd love to hear your ideas of how to fix this though, I'd be very happy to see more women here.

Got it. There should be a better way to organize the WIP channel in general. Right now it's hard to follow what's going on and there are only a thousand of members. Many spammy tasks, irrelevant discussions. Maybe when we discover a better way to communicate at scale, then everyone would be heard.