Thoughts on content writing site [so far]

Ok, I'm absolutely terrified posting this in here because I'm the furthest thing you can get from being a coder. So go easy on me (but still be truthful).

Razz, not completely roast. 😂

Here's the link:

I'm purposefully NOT giving context because I'd like to know:

- Is it clear what I'm offering?
- And who I'm offering it to?
- And why it's important to them?
- Is it compelling to want to fill out the form (on the Say Hi page)?

(Caveat: Website is still under maintenance. Currently working on services, about, and portfolio. Visible pages are finished except not SEOified.)

I've never hired a content writer and don't know how pricing usually works, but my first thought looking at this landing page is: "I don't know how to answer 'what is your budget?'" - I think it would be clearer if you listed a specific price. i.e. $X per month for Y blogs/articles/etc.

Great feedback! Thank you!

I'm still working on a services page where it'll say articles are $250/each (til EOY then they'll go up to $400/article), and there's a minimum of $1000/month for me to consider working with them.

I'd offer bulk pricing, but only after a consult.

The budget question is because I'm targeting established SaaS companies (think: Convert Kit) who likely have a history of working with content writers. They'd have a set marketing budget allocated already. And for startups, they'd usually have a price range in mind of what they could afford for marketing.

I just want to weed out the people who say something like $5/article because that's a waste of all our time.

Hi Cat! I really like your casual down to earth style of writing, that works personally well for me and makes it easier to reach out to you!

A few things I noticed:
1. For me names of the buttons are a bit confusing, e.g. I clicked "Get to the good stuff" hoping it would bring me to your offerings and I could learn more about it, but it led to your contact form. Same with "Tell me more". I think the names of the buttons are nice and engaging and would work well for people like me who are impatient and want to jump to the most interesting part immediately, but in my case, the expectation didn't meet the reality. I think you can play around with using buttons for navigation and making your page more interractive, and it probably needs more thought.
2. In the part called "Here’s what strategic, story-based content can do for you:" I would suggest using shorter titles that are easy to skim through to decide if you want to read more on it, e.g. "Transforms your audience into a loyal community that stands with you because they believe in you and your product." is a bit too long for my taste and I felt like it's too much work to read and I am lazy so I just skipped the whole part.
3. I would maybe also make it more explicit what type of content do you offer, e.g. "blog posts, website copy writing". You can add a few simple cards with simple titles that mention the type of content, or just an easy-to-read bullet point list.

What do you think?

Other than that I think it's a great start!

Congrats on the launch, and I get what you're offering and who you're offering it to from the homepage. Do you have example work up anywhere?

Or if you're thinking for edtech, do you have example lesson plans or know how to navigate the morass of teaching standards? (I had to research them last year for tpt and it took a lot of time.) p.s. i also love deathwish!